Ranch Horses Returned to Bowling Green for the 10th Annual World Championship Show



Summer means the world’s most versatile ranch horse is coming to Bowling Green, Kentucky! The 10th annual ARHA World Championship Show was held at the Western Kentucky Ag Expo Center, July 7- 12. The American Ranch Horse Association (ARHA) provided an opportunity for Ranch Horse fans and equine enthusiasts to watch hundreds of ARHA Ranch Horses from throughout the nation display their talent and versatility.

The six day event focused on open, amateur, youth and novice competition. Spectators saw Ranch Horses performing in classes ranging from cattle and performance classes to speed events and conformation. In keeping with the concept to promote the all-around versatile ranch horse ARHA will also held a Junior and a Senior Ranch Horse Challenge. This 5 -class event provided an opportunity to showcase the talents of our ranch horses.

The annual ARHA World Championship Show isn’t just about competition – Good Times, Great Friends & Excellent Horses is the real theme.

10441263_675685462484750_8071668611775628294_nI set certain goals for myself at the ARHA World Show. One was to ride within my abilities and the training of my horse. I got that accomplished. We competed well in the classes we were most prepared for and could have been better at others except for goal 4. Number two was to learn from watching, asking questions of others, and the experience of competing at that level. I feel good about # 2, check that one off the list. Number three was to have fun competing and enjoy the camaraderie of my friends. Blew that one out of the water! Number four was to control nerves, not make mental mistakes in the classes I was unsure about and stay controlled in execution of maneuvers. Number 4 was a glorious failure. Suffered major brain freeze, fought nerves like wrestling a grizzly bear and made too many mental mistakes. Add up the score and it’s a 75%, a passing grade. Not bad for my first major test on a national stage. Watch out next year!


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