New Year-New Opportunities

DSCN0059My first Clinic of 2015 will be at Circle C Arena in Pleasant Plains on January 3, starting at 9:00. We are continuing our Building Your Cow Horse Fundamentals series. We will focus on trail class and reining basics. As part of the Trail, we will have a roping clinic- since roping a dummy is a requirement in ranch trail. As always, we will work on getting your horse soft, responsive and engaged. We will also work on using your body correctly to set up maneuvers. For more information contact me – or Alice Singleton- Cost is $75.00 and lunch will be provided.  Circle C Arena is an enclosed arena, therefore, comfortable riding protected from wind, rain and though not toasty- warmer than outside.

These clinics will assist you in getting your horse softer and quieter, but also build rider confidence. Your horse and horsemanship will improve, whether you ever compete or not. Plus, we have Fun!

The safest and most enjoyable horse is a broke one!

I hate the word “broke” when referring to training horses. I do not want a “broke” horse, I want a “fixed” horse. However, that word is entrenched in the horse world vocabulary and must be defined. I define broke as a relaxed horse that responds to subtle cues, has a willing attitude, and trusts my judgment. Furthermore, the broke horse allows you to move any body part, at any gait without resistance. How do we get these characteristics in our horses? It starts with clear, consistent communication with the horse, combined with building a foundation of training successes that build upon one another. The job of the trainer is to simply indicate the desired maneuver and allow the horse to perform in its own natural balanced and stylish manner. To achieve this objective, the trainer communicates with subtle aids from the hands, legs, body and voice, and allows the horse to complete the maneuvers on its own. Forcing a horse will result in loss of form, stiff unnatural action and confusion on the part of the horse. The desired result of any training program is a well-trained, responsive horse.


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