Equitation for Trail Riding

Vacation 2011- Pecos 077 On May 30, we will continue our series of Western Horsemanship Fundamentals at Diamond TR Ranch (Highway 10 E out of Perryville). This clinic will focus on Equitation for Trail Riding. We will emphasize the following points:

a. Horse Control
b. Transitions – walk, trot, and canter
c. Trotting Diagonals
d. Cantering

e. Sensory Training
f. Surprises on the Trail
g. Safety of Riders & Horses
h.  Trailer Safety and Prep

The Clinic will start at 9:00 a.m. To register you may contact the Ranch at diamondtr.com.  Contact me as well with your questions. This clinic is for riders that want to advance the confidence in themselves and take their trail  horses to a higher training level.


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