Reminder – Ranchmanship Clinic



This Clinic will combine elements of Western Trail, Reining and Ranch Pleasure. Everything we do on a horse’s back is predicated on getting control of the horses head, shoulders, ribs, and hip. We also want to develop forward motion and/or flow in circles and straight lines.  The basic maneuvers required of a horse are backing, stopping, guiding, turns, leads, lead changes, and roll backs.  All of these maneuvers are developed by being able to control a horse’s head, shoulders, and hip.  Horsemen simply use those controls with the pressure and release technique to encourage the horse to learn all of the essential elements of handling.

We will use a series of riding exercises designed to improve the training level of you and your horse.

Date:   April 16, 2016      Time:  9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Location:   Diamond TR Ranch, 46419 S Hwy 10, Perryville,   AR


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