Purchase the Right Horse for You



There are many horses available “cheap” in the current economic climate. Cheap horses are often misunderstood as good bargains. There are many cheap horses, but very few bargains.

Horses take a considerable amount of time to train, if you do not have the time to devote to this effort or pay for a trainer, get one that is ready to perform now. Horse value is mostly based on the training level.

A safe, enjoyable horse should:

  1. Be caught easily
  2. Stand quietly for haltering, saddling, and bridling
  3. Lead willingly, back when asked (without a fight)
  4. Stand tied, quietly
  5. Allow you to handle and pick out all four feet
  6. Stand for mounting (on a slack rein if possible and without fidgeting after the rider has mounted)
  7. Walk, trot, canter, etc. on a slack rein
  8. Perform upwards and down transitions with body cues or minimal rein pressure
  9. Back willingly under saddle
  10. Stop in balance (on hindquarters)



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