Experienced Trail and Ranch Horse for Sale

I am offering for sale this 2004 AQHA gelding – Four Fly Warrior (aka Cheyenne).  $3500.00

He stands 15.1 hands and weighs about 1250. Bred by AQHA Best of the Remuda Award recipient, Haythorn Land and Cattle Company. I bought him at the Haythorn Production Sale in 2005. He has not left my possession since then. I have a young String I’m training now and Cheyenne is not getting rode much. So I’m offering him for sale so someone else can enjoy him.

He is an experienced trail horse deluxe. He has carried me and others all over the Ozarks, Rocky Mountains, Western Prairie and the Sand hills of Nebraska. He’s gentle, easy to catch, doesn’t get excited about much and loves attention.You can turn him out for six months; catch him up; circle him a couple of times on the lead line; tack up and ride him off. Fact: turned him out mid-December and caught him up in mid-June. I rode him for about 30 minutes and put a beginner adult rider on him for the next 3 hours without incident. When Cheyenne is legged up and in shape, he has lots of stamina. He’s hobble broke; stands tied on a high line; eats from hay and feed bags; and travels well.

I’ve used him often for clinics and demonstrations. He responds to body cues- gait transitions; turns; side-passes; two-tracks; stop and back of of leg pressure. No need to pull on his face. If it doesn’t feel right to him, he just stops.

He has been used on a variety of Ranch Work as well. He has sorted lots of cattle in the pens for health work and loading trucks. He’s the best calf dragging horse I’ve ever rode(if you have a need for such). Calm in the herd; picks his way around the herd and out with calf without exciting the bunch or himself.


Additional photos and photo of Registration papers follow-


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