Introduction to Cow Work Clinic

Just a reminder that I will be kicking off the Cow working clinic on Thursday.

I will be conducting the Introduction to Cow Work Clinic series at Jerry and Alice Singletons(Mt. Vernon, AR) on October 12, 19 &  26; starting each evening at 6:00p.m. (earlier if you let me know). We have lights and will go as long as we need to. I will limit the registration to 10 per night. Come to one or all. Cost is $50.00 per session. I ask everyone to contact me so I can arrange for the appropriate number of cattle. Yes, we will work live cattle. We will also analyze correct stops; turns; and roll backs to maintain positioning on the cow. We will also spend some time on learning how to read the cow, positioning and control.

Location is:

Singleton Ranch; 88 Bristol Rd; Mount Vernon, AR Be careful with Google Maps- it sometimes send you the wrong way (opposite end of Bristol Rd) to get you there. Bristol road makes a loop off Highway 36. Spread the word- We are going to have fun on these cool October evenings.

Contact : Steve Jones

(501) 733—0016


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